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-conduct which is the most fertile in mischief in the
part of this class of men is absolutely impossible.
The same hardness of heart and interested cunning vigilance sort of disposition which would render
a man a scourge to his Clients as well as to their
adversaries in his maturer age, would might during his
Clerkship have only rendered him the better Clerk.

16* 4. Advocates The tests to which they are subjected are more mischievous or worse The tests that regard the other branch of the
profession may be dispatched in fewer words. The
five years course of eating and drinking a few
or pretending to eat and drinking for a few days or days in the year in a certain place has long
ceased so much as to pretend to be a test of
any thing but existence. I had like to have
forgotten the declarations of orthodoxy political
and religious: they have nothing to do with the
question here, and are tests of nothing but
either the orthodoxy or the mendacity of those
who take the oaths, and the obsolete prudence and either the frantic
jealousy cowardice jealousy or the malitious tyranny of those who
imposed invented them.

17 Of Such note of fitness the effect if they had would be mischievous by inspiring groundless security Tests of this inconclusive nature, were they at all
regarded would produce more danger than they
would yield security. Without abating in the
least the ground for suspicion they relax its
vigilance by a certificate which nothing hinders
from being a false one.

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