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19 The English law by making it the interest of Clients to act mala fide create a demand and thence an inevitably supply of malâ fide practices Two classes of Clients will as far as the law
admitts of it tend naturally to raise up and to
maintain two classes of Attornies. To the bonâ
fide Client to him who is convinced in his own
mind of the real natural justice of his cause, the honest Attorney
will naturally be the most suitable acceptable. A dishonest
Attorney is not gives him no advantage: a dishonest
Attorney exposes him to some danger, since
he an Attorney who would cheat others may perhaps cheat
him. But to the malâ fide Client, to him who
knows that Justice is adverse to him, and that all
the chance he has depends upon his being able
to deceive her, the vigilance, the superior chance of assistance which a dishonest
Attorney has to offer is not to be refused. The
dishonest Attorney can be induced to risk experiments
which the honest one could not be prevailed
to venture upon: and as for the danger which dishonesty
presents to its employers it has the employer's
confidence in his own sagacity to guard fortify
him against it. Accordingly the English Courts
of Justice have never been in want of a set of
Attornies to whom the reputation of dishonesty
has been as productive and as essential as that
of honesty to others. other men. What is it that any tests
could do towards counteracting an arrangement thus
formed & kept up by the nature of things? Bad laws tried
dishonest Attornies; or what is worse Attornies who without
exposing incurring themselves to the reputation imputation of dishonesty
do under the protection of by allowance from the law more mischief than isthan it would be in the power of the most consummate dishonesty, without such licensing to effect.

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