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which consists in another mans being condemned
unheard. A man who will buy that which
plainly ought not to be bought must take the

24 The benefit of monopoly has always been subject to arbitrary taxation by which the profession might be injured more than by the abolishing of the monopoly 2. Attornies have always been subject to taxation:
of their bills: to the fixation of the amount of the price they
shall be permitted to exact, according at the discretion of
the legislature. Whatever should be lost to them
by the abolition of their monopoly is not more
than might be taken from them without injustice
by prescribing to them a less advantageous rate of taxation

25 3. So, by an amendment of the law 3. Against a prejudice that might be done them
in another way to much superior amount I mean by amendments of in the law they
themselves would not think proper to think of starting to object to as an injustice would not start an objection. Miseries Misery
are is not to be entailed upon mankind, because
there are is a small class among them
to who have been in use to desire a benefit from make their a disproportionate profit of by
from those miseries. Men are not to be prevented
from remaining at peace for the sake of soldiers:
they are not to be rendered short-lived for the
benefit of undertakers; they are not to be prevented
excluded from the temperance exercise & other means of preserving
themselves in health for the sake of physicians, apothecaries
and surgeons. No lawyer would think of denying the The soldier military man and the contracting merchant do not say to government it is your duty to go to war that we may plunder and glory may be ours. The undertaker and the sexton do not say, it is your duty to make men shorten men's lives that burials may come round the oftener. The medical man does not say it is your duty to encourage intemperance that we may not want for patients.

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