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Tit. 1. 21. B

Advocates Attorney 12 This the natural domestic mode of procedure This is the mode of procedure which nature common sense dictates,
w and which mankind practise wherever
fraud and false ingenuity combining uniting in de
various and unascertainable proportions have not
interposed to forbid it. This is the mode of procedure
practised without without parade, or effort within the precincts of every family
and in the practice of which every man soever shews
himself a lawyer and such a lawyer that in
comparison of his him conduct the wisdom of the profoundest
lawyers is absurdity and folly: shewing himself
just in so far as he voluntarily departs from it just by so much inferior
either in probity honesty or wisdom to the ordinary level in common sense or common honesty
of mankind. This is the sort of procedure which like
the Gentleman Citizen in the play plain men are talking practising
all their lives long without any suspicion of its fine
name: and in comparison the strong and serviceable the language of uneffected simple
elegance nature simplicity, travested into the vilest doggerel by the
ingenuity of lawyers.

13 38 The need of assistance produce toward That a man party in such an occasion
should have some friend from whose advice head
and from whose superior intelligence and superior
facility of speaking he may derive assistance is
no more than necessity may require in many
cases such as have been already exemplified. It is natural

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