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High Court Injury without redress is a spectacle so frequent under
the [all perfect] Common Law law of England as to make no sensation
at all [among a people besotted with the idea
of the perfection of their laws deluded by interested
pens into 1the a persuasion of the immaculateness of
their laws.] If a Judge or other minister of law
were to be hanged for murder by colour of office
the King's grantee would get all he was worth
and the ruined family of the deceased nothing: for
the sight of a man hanging, is, according to the learned popular
Commentator and white washer is a satisfaction
to the public: and a satisfaction to the public is a
satisfaction to the individual. But such comments
would not pass upon the people of France.

At the worst, should an error, not a criminal
one I make it stu be detected in the decision of a Supreme
Judge, the mischief whatever it was need go not
go beyond the individual affected by it. Being a
wrong exposition interpretation of the law it might the mischief
of it might be prevented by a right one.
The intention though avowed of making corrections
as often as occasion manifested itself would not stir
be productive of the dreaded inconvenience of stirring
up appeals to the National Assembly: for as nobody
could get any thing by such appeal none such would
be made. There would remain the mortification of seeing
an acknowledged injury unredressed: but no human precautions
can shut the door to this inconvenience altogether:
and the sensation produced by the spectacle of an unintentional
injury mischief unredressed is nothing in comparison of that produced by an intentional one successful.

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