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Tit. II. B. & C.

The National Assembly amongst many extraordinary
features of character has exhibited one
altogether unexampled in the history of mankind.
What A virtue which a Romance-writer would not have dared
to put into an Utopia for fear of its appearing
too palpably incredible they have realised and persevered
in has been their first and constant attribute property.
All other bodies of men that ever existed have
displayd a canine appetite for power: the
great and constant dread of these men has been
the having too much power. Go to the King: we
have no executive power. Go to this or that
in any Court of Justice, we have no judicial
power: judicial power is none of ours: such
has been the constant language. I remember
when they would not so much as send for a
man to find out some fact the knowledge of which they wanted
to proceed which was necessary to ground their measures
for examining witnesses was the province of a
Court of Justice. Such is the conduct of the National Assembly of France: while an unanimous House of Commons are labouring under the odium of a frivolous prosecution, & the disgrace of an unsuccessful one.(a)
(a) That of Stockdale the publisher of a News-paper for using the epithet scandalous in speaking of their proceedings
Such were the views which
guided the Committee.

But I will maintain with all due respect
against the Committee and against the whole all the world that

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