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Tit. II. B. & C.

High Court that Justice in this extraordinary and highest
stage of it belongs exclusively and essentially and
inevitably to the Legislature: that all their efforts
to get rid of it will be happily as ineffectual
as they would be ill-judged: for that do what
they will to drive it away, it will fly back to

A legislature which parts with divests itself of the power of
in cases of necessity of determining whether its
own decrees have been complied with or no, and
doing what can be done by taking what measures can be taken by command
towards enforcing a compliance if not yet
bestowed cuts the ground from under it. A legislature
which attempts to cause sentence upon
a body invests with this power a body foreign
to itself ceases to be a whole legislature: for it
confers on this foreign body a negative in legislation.
The King has a suspensive negative
before the passing of a each law: I see much present use (a) and no future harm some good and no
harm in his having it. But the High Court
of Justice would have a destructive negative
after enactment at all times and upon all laws.

(a) The people all over the kingdom have been were in use to obey pay
obedience to all acts which they sometimes bearing the King's name. They were
not in any such habit of paying like obedience to acts bearing
the name of the National Assembly. The By the temporary Negative
they It seemed of consequence to them to buy the use of his name The temporary negative allowed him is the price they pay here for it: the bargain seems a very good & is very prudent one

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