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Tit. II. B. & C.

for disobedience to the whole body of the case all those
whose in whom obedience consists in exacting it on the
least of others in keeping others in obedience.

Should this happen or be suspected of going on
what where is the remedy? Is another and yet Higher
Court of Justice to be erected in order to punish
this prevaricating High Court of Justice: (not
that even punishment would do without reversal
of the decrees:) but where are the materials for
this Higher Court to be found: and if they are
found are and the Higher Court is erected
out of them, then is not the High Court is not then what
it professes to be, the Highest.

Is it the National Assembly itself that would
be to sit in judgment upon the High Court?
I do suppose that would be the case: if not according in
virtue of to the establishment, without and in
spite of the establishment. What if the High Court should act like the late Parliament of Normandy? they will be dealt with like the late Parliament of Normandy. But then why not
come back to my plan and put the National
Assembly into the place of the High Court at once?
Why add to no use and without effect another stop to a gradation which has already but too
many? Why establish lay down a principle which will
not bias adhering to which you are unable to
abide by.

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