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Tit. II. B. & C.

Oh, but the National Assembly shall have the
naming of the members shall be in the National
Assembly: and then it will name none but such
as it can confide in: and the High Court of
Justice will be as if the National Assembly itself
sat there. That is, it will be to the National
Assembly what Judges High Courts of Commission
appointed by the King used to be to
the King. This may save the time of the National
Assembly indeed: but will it save their
reputation? Will it look seemly and appear
consistent with principle that the National
Assembly should act underhand and behind
the curtain? and follow the most odious of policy that has been most odious example the most odious of those which have been set by despots Can they entail upon Will they ensure to all their successors
all that the confidence which has been purchased
by their own matchless virtue? Are they sure
that s all future National Assemblies will find in their
commissioners all that obsequiousness which the
King used to find in his? they who within in whose countenance have
are neither frowns nor smiles neither frowns in their countenance nor smiles:
who do nothing but for reason and after public debate
as public as the voice of fame can make it: they
who have nothing to give and nothing to take
away: they who will not are not to punish and have no
power to reward.

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