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Tit. II. B. & C.

principle divide et impera turned heels uppermost. Power is to
be nipped in the bud and made to branch out
at its first shoot, that it may be weaker and
the people may find it weaker and more manageable.

I do not want in a country where the people
have the use of their limbs to fritter down power cut power into pieces
for fear of its being too strong for the body of
the people. Where the people have neither their gags
in their power mouths nor manacles on their hands can be mouths gagged nor their hands tied there is no
power but that of the people. While Gulliver
lay bound in the chains that had been fastened
on him while asleep, it might have been of material
some consequence to him that the legislative executive and judicial
power of Lilliput should or not should not be
in the same hand. If the opinion that had been in council for attainting him had passed into the law it might have been worth his while to have bribed the judicial power to make representations or to find pretences for not carrying it into execution When he was upon his legs
also at Blefuscu it mattered little to him
whether the fleet of Lilliput acted against him
in a body or in detached squadrons.

The fear of two or three powers that by joining
hands may at any time make themselves an
overmatch for a people that stands upon its legs
and is as much in exercise as they, is like the
fear of hob-goblins in children. When is the force

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