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Tit. II. B. & C.

High Court But you who have been pleading so strongly in
favour of single Judges, you do who deem 558
Judges [absolutely] unfit for their office were it only
because they are 558, with what consistency can
you now insist upon 750 in preference to a
lesser number? — My answer is, necessity and
that alone is what forces me to quit my line of
single Judges, nor then till after it has run out its
utmost length. If I make the Parliament legislature
Judges it is only because otherwise they would not be
a legislature, just so far as is necessary to save them
from not being a legislature. If I make them
Judges it is only in confidence of their acting very
rarely or perhaps never in that character. AEcru
in faece Brute in the bad times of an imperfect
constitution a single High Judge and he a Judge
of immediate Jurisdiction more than of Appeal has
but once in several centuries done any thing
to deserve prosecution: and shall will prosecution be
frequent of a pure Judge of Appeal exempt clear of
the temptation which assault surround immediate judicature? in France under an admirable constitution
Then surely It is surely is not probable. Loth
Loth Loath indeed I should be to warrant the virtue
of any sovereign Assembly that frequently took in hand the
concerns of individuals: sooner than that I would
place upon another step in the gradation another single
Judge. The 558 Judges I quoted, be it remembered, were thus occupied continually. But my plan, if any thing can, forbids
any such apprehension. And this hence is another objection
I have to the Committee's High Court, that by mixing this extreme

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