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to comply with one with the demand to a certain degree thought it
be an unjust one for the sake of peace. He thus
extorts from his adversary from a man who has
justice on his side a surrender of a part of his
right by the dread of the imputation of selfishness
and litigiousness. The Defendant thus
under the mask of generosity liberality naps the benefit
of selfishness by terrifying the his adversary
with the imputation of it by holding up the imputation
in the teeth of his adversary: and the
Plaintiff beholds the surrender of his right extorted from him by
surrenders his right for fear under the apprehension of being thought to
be what the Defendant is.

If a Judge harbours a secret partiality
And puts it into the power of a Judge to gratify particularly under the mask of benevolence in favour of a for the Defendant the prejudice thus inculcated
by the law affords him a most convenient &
specious mask pretence for gratifying it a convenient
and spurious mask under which he may securely
gratify it. Who can be so obdurate
as to refuse to listen to the voice of peace and
reconciliation, and speaking too through coming too from the
mouth of a Judge, who descending from the
height of his station descending from his elevation
stoops to perform the humble and friendly
office of a mediator? Should the right of which
is labouring to procure the surrender the right which

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