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Tit. II. B. & C.

Equity. I am going to set up a shop on purpose to
sell it in, and when you want any thing in
my way ask for the Court of Equity.

So stupid were these Justice-mongers in scarlet
gowns coats with fur edgings, that when a man stood
there before them talking to them about his business,
it never occurred to them to put such a so much
as a question upon the subject. As witnesses were
not to be treated as parties their conclusion was that parties were
not to be treated as witnesses. When one of them
wanted to get the truth out of his a son or his a servant about a business that concerned himself, the course he took, would naturally be the course that every body else takes in such a case
of her his way was to do say to him he did by him as other men do by their sons
and their servants, ask him how the matter stood. Sir, what do you say to all this? did you do so
or did you not? and so forth. But as the
people who came before to them for justice were
neither their children nor their servants, nor
were they altogether was it altogether so material
to a Judge to get the truth of out of them strangers in a business that concerned only the strangers as out of
a son or a servant of his own in a business that
concerned himself, his way was to treat the strangers
like strangers and let the truth remain lie uncalled for
and undisturbed.

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