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Tit. II. B. & C.

But what he had more than they was he had a smattering of a sort of learning which
they had not. He was a Churchman, or something
like brought up by Churchmen: and the law studied
by Churchmen was the Roman Law.

Unfortunately as it turned out for England, those
who hit spun upon the system of procedure in use under
that law lived in times when the art of writing
was not uncommon. As an art so pretious was
to be made the most of, nothing was to be done in
law without writing. What a man said he could
not ask quite so high a price for: for every man
can talk and sound is difficult to measure. Writing
requires trouble of which the proof lasts as long as the
writing itself does: and parchment may be measured
by the yard. If a question was to be put it was
to be put in writing: if an answer was to be given, it
was to be given in writing. Writing being tedious
work, and it being tedious to wait after every question
till an answer was thus given, it was found most
convenient (understand all along for those by whom the
practice was to be determined) that the questions should
be all written down together and the answers in the
same manner: the questions consequently at one time
and the answers at another: the questions by the
law assistant of the one party in his office, the
answers by the law-assistant of the other party at his.

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