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Tit. II. B. & C.

This was the perfection of convenience: for now the
arts of evasion might be studied and practised at leisure
under the tutorage of professors who took care not
to be ill paid for it. An Answer then was to be were thus
had in a Court of Equity even to questions put even to
the only person concerned and qualified to answer
them: but to unhappily to obtain a fair & full answer
was the work of years what it continues to be the
work of years.

Had Common Sense and Common Honesty had the
management of the matter instead of Equity and
Common Law there need not have been a new
Court set up in England under the name of a Court of Equity for putting questions to parties nor
for hearing complex causes, nor for doing any thing
else. There need as little be a new Court set of Courts set up
in France for bringing parties together in the first
instance before the Judge putting the one to state
his demand and the ground for his demand, the
other his reason for not complying it, and receiving
from each the testimony he had to give in his own
favour and the confessions & concessions that were to be obtained
from him for the benefit of his adversary. All
this if proper and useful in an Accommodation-Office
will not be improper nor useless less proper or less useful in a
Court of Justice.

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