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Accommodation The witchcraft of sounds is beyond comprehension. incomprehensible
The Committee have no confidence in their Canton
Court so long as they call it by that name. They
have no confidence in their District Court
with its five Judges. They have no confidence
in their Department Court with its ten Judges
They have none in their Superior Court with
its twenty Judges. They have as little in
their Supreme Court of Revision with its six
and thirty Judges. All these are to decide
bring in every cause to a hearing in the order in which it
stands upon the paper, ready or not ready.
The mischief of certain Ju injustice is to be
preferred to the danger of entrustng entrusting with
the least particle of discretion bodies of men who
it is so certain will abuse it. Change the name
from a Court of Justice to a Reconciliation-Office
the confidence is without bounds. That
power of adjournment postp putting off a cause which the grand Court of
Appeal sitting in the Metropolis is are not to be trusted
with to exercise for a day, no not for all the reason
they can give t is given to the every Judge
of two or three Villages to be exercised as he thinks
proper and without pretence of reason, upon the
single condition that to he and his two lookers on
shall change their the name of their tribunal from
that of a Court of Justice to that of an Office of Reconciliation.

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