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Accommodation Such is the fondness of the Committee for So fond are the Committee of compromise, &
conciliation, as to prefer it to justice that even when justice, according
to their own account, is to be had for nothing,
they prefer it even to justice. They institute set up
a Court on purpose to judge a Tribunal of exception to judge amongst other matters of claims for money
due on the score of taxes. Tit. XV. art. 4. and disputes with Contractors of public works about the fulfilling of their engagements. art 6 and indemnification claimed for grounds land taken for public use. art. 7. But a A Court of Justice
is nothing without a Reconciliation-Office to
keep men from going into it. The Administrative body termed the Directory
of the District is accordingly to serve this Court in the capacity
of a Reconciliation-Office. This Court
is to decide in these matters without "upon simple
"memorials without form of procedure and without
"expence, after having seen the opinion of the Tit. XV. 3.
"directory Court of the District accompanied with reason" [Tit. XV. 3.] All
this simplicity is not sufficient without the Directory's
having first tried to compromise the matter
after having taken the opinion of the Municipality
of which made the note. [ib.] assessment
[ibid.] so that As the Municipality is here to be
called in to make the compromise more sure
here are not only two but three Courts bodies of men to do the
business of one man. Such is the contrivance
here for saving trouble and expence.

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