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Tit. II. B. & C. Note p. 2

Sow & Pigs A sow or a boar without pigs I have occasion to know
is frequently worth about £5. £5 is 5/8 of a
man's yearly expenditure. For this much a man
even though successful at law is without remedy. A An
injury or two few such injuries if a man sits still under
them are sufficient to ruin nine tenths of the people
in England or any where else: if he goes to market for
the remedy he is rushed and laughed at into the bargain.

I happen to have a tenant whose chance for what
luxuries his station affords depends upon his rearing
that worthless animal called a pig every year year.
The pig when reared is worth 2 1/2 years rent to him.
Were I to take seize his pig whether he had on pretence of
rent whether he had or had not paid his rent his
only remedy would be this same replevin or some other
such action to be tried before a Jury. As it would be
as impossible for him to defray the expence of such an
action as to eat the pig at a meal, the means of
obtaining amends from me for such an injury so ruinous
to him and the means of making me suffer for it in
any shape are equally out of his power. Though
called my tenant he is in consequence really and to every real
purpose substantially while he stays where he is my slave: and
just as every other poor man is with regard to every man
who is to a certain degree richer than himself under
the auspices of that sort of liberty which is ensured
by the result of Trial by Jury.

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