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English Justices of Peace Courts of Conscience The medium through which the question of importance
has usually been viewed by those by whom the boundary
laws of jurisdiction have been drawn has commonly
been of a different tinge. That cause is a cause of importance in the eyes of a legislator that would most be so to a man of his opulence that is of his dignity, and of the great men, that is of the rich men whom he lives with, and about of whom only he has any constant and serious concern alone he is, wont to think with any degree of complacency, and who alone are deserving of his care. That cause is a
cause of importance in the eyes of a lawyer which will afford a lawyer
such a fee as a man of his dignity may stoop
to take. Such a cause is to be handed merited up summoned up to
those superior Courts where men of such dignity
do not disdain attendance. A cause of no importance
is a cause which will afford no such fee. What
becomes of such a cause, and of the class of people
it is likely to concern is a g matter not worth
thinking about. [The cause and the parties are
turned over without appeal to some obscure and inferior judge
who does with them what he pleases. jurisdiction which does with them what it pleases.

It is to the generous contempt disdain of English
lawyers for such causes and such suitors that we
in England stand indebted to for the only systems vestiges of reason and utility that have been suffered to remain in the practice of the law
of procedure which can afford any the least glympse
of what the system of procedure in all civil causes
might and ought to be: that before the multitudinous
and ill compacted tribunals called Courts of Conscience
and that before single one or two Justices of the Peace
out of Sessions and that before the multitudinous and

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