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Demare English Justices of Peace Courts of Conscience and on that account unhappily — constructed tribunals
called Courts of Conscience: the jurisdictions of which may those abodes of simple and unsophisticated justice which are to be seen
here and there peeping out here and there like so many fortunate narrow
islets island out of the ocean of Chicane. In those
fortunate islands neither the Harpy of the Exchequer,
nor the still more voracious Harpy of the bar is
permitted to alight. Forty shillings by according to
the a computation elsewhere alluded to forms to a British
subject taken indiscriminately a quarter of a year's
expenditure: for a sum not exceeding this a British
subject is permitted by lawyers to take his chance
in a few limited cases at an expence comparatively moderate, though all
of it indefensible. Forty shillings is a sum less
than can be offered to one out of two Advocates
in one stage out of many stages of the
least expensive sort of ordinary cause. Accordingly the an English subject
has been indulged in a very few small places and in every
one in a very few limited cases with the privilege
and the possibility of pleading his own cause. But though for an a single
injury not amounting to the value of 40s prudence
will not suggest the resort to a remedy in which
a sum more than exceeding 40s does not form a
twelfth or perhaps a fifteenth part of the expence
what must be given paid for the chance of purchasing it,
yet for repeated injuries to that amount or prudence or

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