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man denies himelf: ano a second sends excuses: a third man another man, as he can't do business
at home chooses rather to go goes about some business of his he has of his
own abroad, than abo to sit like a cypher by the side
of the Judge+. after Messages pass backwards
+A third sends excuses. A fourth says that as he is not among the nearest, it is no business of his to go. Oftentimes it will be really doubtful which is nearest: and if one of the two that are nearest is really incapable of attending there is no provision here for obliging another to tke his place A backward defendant in debt will give warning to one of the nearest two Good-men-and-true, and both will find their account in the intelligence.
and forwards, and still the number is not compleated.
Hour after hour day after day is lost in this way: the Judge
parties and witnesses waiting all the while and nothing
done. It is difficult enough to get a defendant to
attend or an unwilling witness: to this difficulty is
here added that of getting two unwilling Judges.

The Judge is liable to be turned out every two
years. If the salary is our object, and he has to trust
to it for a lively being maintenance, this may make precariousness
of the situation may render it difficult to find
a proper man to fill it. He must be a man of a
liberal education, and not at least not altogether unacquainted
5 Judge - the precariousness of his situation objected to.
with the law. The An Advocate, an Attorney
or a Notary according to the present system. How
can such a man quit his prof profession practice for a
salary which may cease at the end of two years,
when his clients have formed other connections? If
the Judge is to be kept in this status of dependence
by frequent elections, perhaps the stability of the office might

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