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Number — Bergasse

or bench of Judges you have for the one purpose you
must have at least one Judge for the other. Here then
supposing the plan of unity to be adopted you have the whole expence of the whole establishment
doubled at one stroke.

This is not all. It will happen very frequently,
perhaps most commonly that all the evidence
which the nature of the case affords shall be within
a very narrow circle: it shall all present itself at
once, and the guilt or innocence of the defendant
is as perfectly ascertained at one hearing as it
could be after a thousand. In all these cases Upon the plan I am
combating in all these cases the hearing conclusion
of the business must be delayed and the trouble of it
doubled to no use.

In these cases the labour of one Magistrate is
thrown away not to section the time of the parties witnesses
and other persons concerned. But in all cases
some part of the time of the same persons a number of people's time must be
thrown away. The compleat trial must always be prefaced
as this by another compleat or incompleat. The intelligence
which the first Judge has collected relative to
the affair is thrown away, and the whole business
remains to do over again before the second Judge.

6 The English practise from whence the idea was taken was not grounded in any such view. It seems to be from the English practise that Mr
Bergasse took has taken the idea: but the English practice had
no such reasons in view. It has happened in this case instance as in so
many others. Practice comes blind into the world: a few hundred
years comes some ing after its birth comes some an ingenious artist and given
it eyes. Justices of the Peace for taking examination & committing were appointed every where because persons capable of being entrusted with those
limited powers come to be had for nothing and to be had every where. Whence Judges to be invested with the of knowing & determining where
not to be had and if Lauden the only plan in the kingdom whom every thing that would be called a public had

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