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Judges Number

1 Judicial proceedings to be public except &c The advisories Judicial proceedings ought to be
public except in certain particular cases hereafter to be
mentioned and the degree of publicity ought to be carried to the highest pitch possible by the help of every expedient that can be made use of for that purpose.

2 Judicial districts & ought to be small Judicial districts ought to be as small as possible:
that the suitors may not be at as little expence consumption of time and money on the
part of suitors and witnesses as possible in time and money as well in time point of
as of and money to which suitors and witnesses are enforced
may be as small as possible.

3 Parishes may serve for districts of immediate jurisdiction Occasional attendance for justice can never be inconvenient where habitual attendance for worship is not The bounds of a parish are the natural limits Parishes may serve for the districts of
i of the Courts elementary districts of the Courts of immediate
jurisdiction: where a man goes habitually
for divine worship, he may without any inconvenience it can be no inconvenience to him
to go occasionally for Justice.

4 Expence the sole limit to the multiplication The only limit
The smaller the districts, the more numerous
of course. The only limit to the multiplication of the number of
the districts is what is results derived from the consideration
of the expence.

5 To each but one Judge. If two Judges better two districts To each district there ought to be but one
Judge. If a district Supposing such or such a district to be able to can afford more Judges than
one, better divide it into several districts each
having a single Judge.

Every additional Judge addition to the number multiplies expence, encreases

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