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Judges Number

6 Inconveniences of more Judges than one encreases delay diminishes responsibility takes off from
the responsibility of the principal from his dependence on the public voice, from his obligation to attend and not favour by his absence a cause which if present he would think himself find himself under the obligation of condemning. takes off from the
demand for necessity on his part of pains and attention, from the measure of attention he will find it necessary
to bestow takes off and from the degree measure of intelligence
display'd bestowed by him in as far as it intelligence depends upon
on study upon attention.

Multiplicate 1. Encrease of expence 2. Encrease of delay. 3. Diminution of responsibility 4 — of dependence in public opinion 5. Of obligation to attend 6. of the restraint on corrupt non-attendance, which has half the effect of a corrupt vote 7 What additional intelligence may be afforded by multiplication of Judges is not as the number Any addition that an additional number
of Judges may by accident make to the stock
of intelligence is unnecessary in most cases
and where it might be of use may be applied compassed effected
more advantageously by an encreased facility of

8. All that can be expected from multiplicity of Judges is secured by publicity of proceedings 9. Multiplication of Judges contributes to probity no otherwise than by faintly contributing to publicity 2. It is in most cases useless 3. It may be more certainly effected at a cheaper rate by other means viz: by appeal The publicity of the proceedings affords an
infallible remedy against improbity: against which the multiplication
of the number of the Judges [affords] none
at all: unless it be in as far as a chance of disagreement
gives a chance in favour of a faint measure
of publicity.

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