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The decision of That of Particular Experience is not less no less so Thus clear in favour of the system
of unity in judicature than are the principles of general reasoning drawn from the nature
of mankind in general is not

not to any large views of utility or so much in any reflection in the subject In England the administration of justice is unexceptionable
in the direct ratio of the publicity
of the proceedings, and in the inverse ratio of the
number of the Judges.

It has its root in feudal Matchless purely of Courts composed of a single Judge To A Court which has
never laboured under the slightest suspicion is that
of the Chancery. It is at least upon a par with
in this respect with the Courts of Exchequer and
Common Pleas: it has the advantage of the Court
of King's Bench each consisting of four Judges.
Yet in these Courts the authority of the Judges so
called is checked by that of the bodies of occasional Judges
called Juries. The four members of those bodies Judges of those Courts thus associated are
independent: the sole Judge of the Court of Chancery
is removeable without cause assigned at the pleasure
of the Crown: they totally unconnected with
what is called politics: he a slave to politics.
Matchless corruption of those consisting of hundreds of Judges. Take the other extreme The most corrupt tribunal in England and probates
in the known world was that composed of the 558
members of the House of Commons, sitting in Election
causes: the inevitable publicity of its proceedings
was not: the responsibility of each member was
reduced to nothing by the multitude of the whole
number: the degree of publicity inseparable from

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