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Judicial Grader System

a refinement to suppose men weig employ'd all
over the establishment in weighing talents to a
gram, and taking finding every where that a man
who somebody who has neither too little nor
too much. Rejoinder — No great refinement is necessary.
The security of the principal is accomplished when such a co-adjutor
is provided as will do nothing that to incurr censure. Provided he does not act reprehensibly amiss no matter how ill he thinks, nor how imperfectly and unsatisfactorily he accounts for what he does.

On the other hand there seems no sufficient
ground for apprehending that the power resulting
from such restraint would be abused to the depression
of merit and the prejudice of the service. So long
as the principal saw hopes of promotion for
himself there can be little hardship in keeping
the deputy from profiting to the prejudice
of his patron and benefactor and adoptive father: A little
experience would shew a man whether any such hopes a sufficient ground for
the door to promotion was yet open
to him. When he found it shut against
himself his next thought would be for his son
by adoption who for any thing that hinders
may likewise be so by nature. More, when Chancellor, used to stop to ask a blessing of his father, a prosecu when sitting as a Judge at the Common Pleas. The blessing one may venture to say, was not grudged. The next thing that to the satisfaction
of to having a plan one's self or that of having
the no helped another to it succeeding so in
person is that of succeeding them by proxy, and gaining
credit for by one's choice. Next to succeeding in person
what is most flattering to a man is to succeed
as it were by proxy, and to see a testimony
publickly given in favour of the wisdom of his choice.

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