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§ 8. Attendance

§ 8. Attendance The sacrifice I make to promptitude of the
case and indolence of my Judges is a particular circumstance
that could not be left past unnoticed in this stage: for some
upon this hinge turns the whole frame of the establishment.
It is for this that I provide Judges Depute
both permanent and occasional: it is for this
I am so anxious that the Judgment seat in an immediate
Court may not remain a one moment empty.

This amongst the amidst the many extravagant innovations
with which the present sketch teems abounds will by among sober
professional men be doubtless pronounced one of
the most extravagant: and "who I think it I
hear it exclaimed, "who at this rate would be a

Turn to political writers, all Governments you will find in or commonly
find it said by writers were instituted
for the benefit of the governed. By were, without
much advertising to the distinction, they perhaps I suppose
mean ought to be. He who should mean otherwise must have dreamted of history rather than read it. Put governed then if you say after ought to be; but if you are awake, put governors if you say after were.
would talk and nonsense would wondrous little
observation. If the fact the object be enquired after and not
the right all governments in as far as the influence
of those who were to govern extended, have hitherto been were instituted
for the benefit of the governors It is in France only alone, that and

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