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Judges § Attendance and now for the first time, that the latter proposition this cease to be true.
Out of that state in which things are government continues to be
carried on as much as it is possible to carry it on upon the principle which gave it birth,
for the benefit of the governors France is emerging
with rapid pace, in Britain is not yet so
much as preparing thinking to emerge. Laity were created made for the use of Clergy: Suitors were created for the use of lawyers: Constituents were created for the use of Representatives: Beasts were created for the use of men. Colonies were created for the use of those who rule lord it over the mother country: Beasts were created brought cattle for the use of man. Bear in mind
that every thing that has been done in the Church
being done by Churchmen has Bear these maxims
in mind and you may venture to account pronounce for
with unerring confidence whatever the origin of
for whatever you see at this moment on British ground in the
Church, the Law, the House of Commons or the

Two dispositions should be the result fruit
of this view of human nature in its nakedness:
candour to throw a interpose a veil of indulgence over between the
past what is gone: that which is past gone by pasts which are gone by zeal to give the cloathing
of reformation to that which is before to come. If those these
though a just be an unpleasing picture, the
blame lies not on him who paints the original
as it is, but in him because it is what he wishes it should cease to be and as he wishes it should not
be but in him who conscious of its defects chooses
rather to deny them there to amend them. Common
guilt claims common forgiveness and indulgence.
but perseverance and connivance and complicity
go beyond indulgence. If by shutting our eyes against such pictures we could render them untrue, destroy the truth of them better the original blindness were a comfort & a virtue. It is to France a lover of mankind must look if he would give his heart a banquet: but an Englishman can not refuse himself at to cast a glance on England.

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