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and so been long and so industriously and so successfully
has a he printed upon this text, that the
good people of England seem to have taken it for an article
of their creed.

Priest-craft has been a good deal
talked of, and not altogether without reason:
but Priestcraft is bungling in comparison of
lawyer-craft. The disguise which Priestcraft
has thrown over truth has been torn off away in
a thousand places: and if any is suffered to
remain it is not so much for want of its being
seen through, as through false notions of its
utility to society at large.

Of Summary Justice, which is the only sterling
justice he has contrived to infuse into them such
suspicions that they have submitted to see it withdrawn
almost compleatly out of the circulation: and all this in the
room of it He has rendered Falshood respectable and to accept of he has passed upon them palmed upon them a sort of Birmingham justice
Truth odious. He passed upon the people law
of his own coining in which what is there is of noble
rendered universally current given universal
metal is adulterated with a ten-fold proportion of
currency to a Birmingham sort of justice of
base his own coining, and persuaded men to throw
away the J justice which only sterling justice
the justice that was stamped by common sense in
the meal of nature.

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