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But the Judge prays ask for no such wants none if this wants no such
convenient qualifications . Pliancy finds not in his place the plea of necessity to varnish it: To have all every thing The pliancy
then is totally unnecessary
if pliancy is absolutely: in time any thing the very idea
that saviours
of pliancy would be is a crime. The zeal for a love of zeal for
justice the in a Judge has a much narrower and more
simple though not less respectable object to compass look to
than the zeal passion of public spirit in the
members of an assembly: to that zeal nothing
of art is necessary.
nothing of differentiation, nothing
of artifice, nothing of management, is necessary. No chrystal too transparent to enchase The
most transparant purest chrystals ought constantly to contain
the bosom
of a Judge.</p>

Howsoever nature<del> <add>Earth

has not yet seen beheld a character
so pure so exalted , and so nearly approaching
the conception are men taught to form of the divinity,
as that of a single Judge , sitting under a rational system
of procedure, unexposed to the seduction
of the esprit de corps of professional partialities, <note> and from the days of youthful innocence devoted <add>nurtured to in the holy love</note> and who from the earliest
glance he must never behold the field of theatre of power judicial affairs justice has
never the judgment to act behold it in any other point of view
than as a field for the display of the love</del
of truth and justice. In him there will be nothing
to unlearn, no blunted affections to sharpen, no lost feelings to recover.
He needs but to follow the first impulse, and
to go on to the end of
to finish his career with the same
views and the same affections eye and the same heart as he began it.

Ah! When shall justice be served by unpolluted hands?

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