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But the Judge prays ask for no such events - none if this wants no such
convenient qualifications [+] [+] Pliancy finds not in his place the plea of necessity to varnish it: . To have all every thing pliancy
of pliancy is is totally unnecessary : in turn the very idea any thing
that savours of pliancy would be is a . The love of zeal for zeal for a
justice in a Judge the has a much narrower and more
simple though not less respectable object to compass look to
than the zeal passion of public spirit in the
members of an assembly : to that zeal nothing
of art is necessary .
nothing of , nothing
of artifice , nothing of management , is necessary . [+] [+] No chrystal too transparent to enchase The
must transport it ought constantly to the bosom
of a Judge. ]
<del> <add>Garth
has not yet seen beheld a character
so pure so exalted , and so nearly approaching
the conception men are taught to form of the divinity ,
as that of a single Judge , sitting under a rational system
of procedure , unexposed to the seduction
of the de of professional partialities , <add>[+] [+] and from the days of youthful innocence devoted nurtured to in the holy loveand who from the
<add> on</del></add> never beheld the field of <add>theatre of proved judicial affairs</add> justice has
never the judgment not beholden it in any other point of view
than as a field for the display of the love

of truth and justice . In him there will be nothing
to unlearn , [+] [+] no blunted affections to sharpen , no lost feelings to recover .
Its needs but to follow the first impulse , and
to go on to the end of to finish his career with the same
and the same after eye and the same heart as he began it . To the
Ah ! When shall justice be served by hands?

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