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Tit. IV. B.

Jurisdiction and bad of the English constitution owes its reformation
not to any sort of views of utility,
or to the least spark of regard entertained in any human
heart for the interests welfare of the people, but from
to the fortuitous termination subsidence of a sordid scramble for power in a former age. of the dirtiest basest scramble
for power that perhaps is to be found in the annals
of any nation. country L Fraud and violence were the
weapons and on all sides: it seemed to be a an
object of emulation trial of skill which should support the most
impudent law falshood by the most lawless act of power.
When a man found himself pressed with an
audacious lie the way to answer it help himself was not
by truth, that they were all equally averse
and unaccustomed and averse to, but by some
opposite lie still more audacious. One of these
expedients was to throw a man into prison
upon a false pretence of a criminal accusation trumped
up by themselves, and when they had got him
there to say to him now you now are here
here you shall shall stay unless you will
make us Judges of all claims which any man
may have upon you. This was the origin of
the civil jurisdiction of the King's Bench.
Another which was instituted for no other purpose
than to exact payment of the King's debtor would
say to a man here is such an one who if he
does not owe the King money may some time or
other — he has a claim upon you and if you
dont make answer to it before us you must be in prison
till you do. There was the origin of the general
jurisdiction of the Court of Exchequer. All this is legible stamped in legible conspicuous characters upon the face of the process still in use. But this is not a place for the details of history.

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