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Tit. IV.

Jurisdiction Committee — their plan shows little regard to convenience The inconvenience a man may be made
to suffer by being dragged to a distance from the
scene of his pleasures, his business, or his livelyhood seems to have made but
a faint impression on the minds of the Committee.
It is however in the viewing of saving to save men from this inconvenience that
they begin with parceling parcel out each District or Sub-province
into Cantons of less than six miles square: yet in slight for so slight
a circumstance a cause difficulty as the accident of the adverse parties
having their homes abodes in different cantons is this most important object given up and the parties sent is
sufficient they send them to dan the chief-town
of the district there to dance attendance at the
Accommodation-Office: and that necessarily, in every and
at the commencement or rather before the commencement
of every cause: and that to their
lives end, for any thing that is provided to the contrary if the gentlemen of the Accommodation
Office should so please.+ + See infra Tit. The In vain would the
Plaintiff prefer the Canton Court within whose
jurisdiction the Defendant's abode is situated: in
vain would the Defendant consent to plead before
the Plaintiff's Canton-Court: it must not
be. The Defendants Canton Court when it is not the same
with that of the Plaintiff is probably the next to
it: for it is between neighbours that there is most disputes are
most apt to arise. occasion for disputes. The two Courts are close
together at one end of a District: the District Court
either in the middle of the District, or farther distant
from them than the middle. The cause If heard in either Canton

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