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Obs. 9

Jurisdiction Partiality — Confession would be clogged with endless and useless and endless
complication: difficulty upon difficulty would arise:
and after all the matter of fact would still
be out of reach. By what exterior evidence prove
that the sort of degree of acquaintance a Judge has with one of
the parties is of a nature to put his impartiality
into peril? but the moment the Judge declares
in the face of the world I am in such and such
habits with this man, all peril, and one may
venture even to say, all suspicion, vanishes.
Nothing can be Go Give me, says the Comte
de Mirabeau, speaking in the person of the people of Marseilles,
give me any Judge you please, let
let him be unsafe, partial corrupt, inimical to me
if you will, as well him as another, it is all one to me only,
whatever he does, oblige him to let him do it in broad
day.+ + Courcer de Provence No 76. p. 19. Scance du 8 Dec.r 1789. Nothing can be stronger, bolder nothing can be
more just: but how much stronger still the security
when the Judge can have neither interest, nor
friendship nor enmity, which it but what it
is made necessary for him to avow? I call

I call it declaration, avowal, any thing
but confession: for confession implies shame and or
consequent at least reluctance: and here there can be no
cause for either. It is concealment only, where were
concealment to be attempted that could give cause for shame.

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