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10 Obs.

Jurisdiction Partiality — Confession Nothing can be more inconclusive than the best inference
that can be drawn from any exterior
cause of partiality that can be assigned. Such
a man is your relation: — but you are in the
no sort of habits with him, or you are even at
variance with him. You have an a pecuniary interest in
the matter in dispute: but the interest is too slight
to weigh with any body or you can not decide
in favour of that interest without disobliging
some person whose favour is worth ten times good graces are of twice the value
the amount. to you. But this topic will call for a
fuller discussion under the head of Evidence when
applied to witnesses.

Men so conspicuous in their private capacity for knowledge of mankind, how is it that they appear to carry so little of it with them into the station of Judge or Legislator? Among those By Men who possess most knowledge
of mankind how is it that they displa scarce any traces
of it are discoverable in the laws they give us in their laws? The answer
is but too obvious: but and the question is one
that presents itself at every step a man can take takes
in the paths of legislation.

This is one divisio The laws provisions
I allude to form one division of that numerous
tribe of laws regulations which by the false confidence
they tend to inspire, pretending to afford a security
of which in effect they do not afford the
smallest particle are on this as well as so many other
accounts worse than useless.

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