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the only point to be compassed is the insuring the making provision
existence of a prosecutor the providing the
care that there shall be a prosecutor: in the other
case an informer is also to be looked out for
must also be procured, or the prosecutor remains
unemploy'd. or the provision made of a prosecutor
is without effect.

The nature of the offence, that is of the
species shews whether it is or is not in what degree it is whether it is more or less likely
there should be a voluntary prosecutor. but
it is likely highly probable for instance that there should be
one where the offence though raised treated by the to the
law upon the footing rank of a public one strikes more particularly
against particular individuals: it is
much less likely where the offence is of a purely
public nature. But the nature from the general of the offence
little can be collected with regard to the probability
of a voluntary informer receiving spontaneous information:
nor therefore with regard to the necessity
of providing honest <add>employing</add> factitious inducements to procure
it. Thus much only can be said said that
the more public the species of offence is, the
less likely it is that individuals should be forward
to give spontaneous information: on the
contrary the more likely, the more it comes
home to the feelings of individuals. A robbery or

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