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prosecution in all cases where it appears to be the result
of any other motive, the situation of all laws
of theis class is truly curious. All the use they can
possibly be of depends altogether upon their being
executed: and they are to be executed in what
cases? In such and such only as never can
have existence. Motives are good or bad: it is
by only from one or the other that you are can to get prosecutors,
informers, witnesses. Such as are such brought you
from by bad motives, you are to must <add>are not fit to be made use of</add> send back again,
as for they are not fit to be used: and good motives have
no existence — Yet the laws are now a to be
executed, at least now and then at least ?? — upon what
condition? — provided you can produce an effect
without a cause.

In England when will you find is the advocate, where
as even will you even find the Judge from y whom you will
not upon occasion you will not hear as a material observation
this is a vindictive prosecution? and where from
is the what advocate or the from what Judge from whom will you
will not also hear that vindicative prosecutions
spoken of as things that ought to be discouraged ? — And in what possible way can how are they
to be discouraged, unless it be by pronouncing
the defendant not guilty though he is guilty,
exempling him from some punishment which
the + law designed for him, or d refering to the prosecutor
some benefit which the law has made his due?

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