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Tit. V. Ch. VII Purs.

§ 3 1 English 5. On the contrary it increases it by the unfruitful tender of rewards. 5. Just So far from removing doing any thing to remove the odium it enhances
it. Unhappily It is unhappily a property unhappily attending
How then to remove the odium?
pecuniary reward, especially when thus applied, to be
1 Remove in the first place such part of it
attended by a spice of odium and discredit which cannot
is the artificial production of the law without
difficulty if at all, be separated from it. What
if the emolument should be after all but nominal? Instead of encouragement you have pure discouragement and nothing else. Such, in numberless instances is the case under the English law.
1. In the first place, forbear to do any thing
to produce it: 2. in the next place combat
it by the authority declared opinion of the law, giving it the fortified by the reasons
on which it is grounded for its support.
3. combat it by factitious honour

The great inducement offered held out by the
English law to prosecutors is a pecuniary
reward. Unfortunately it is the property of this
species of inducement when thus applied to be
attended with a degree of discredit which operates
unavoidably in the character of a restraint. What
can be expected when the discredit which forms
the restraint is real, and the emolument which
forms the inducement is but nominal? Rewards
are offered provided of various magnitude, often
even when to be sued for only in the regular mode
of procedure as low as twenty, ten or even five
pound. Costs are sometimes sometimes given or not given: but
costs does not mean all the costs really out of
pocket but such part of them as the officer who sits
as Judge on this behalf shall think proper to allow. Five ten

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