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Tit. V Ch. VII

§ 3 English 6. Rebellion of the Judges against this legislation in refusing to review as prosecutes informs a
witness for reward.

5. 6. Driven by the negligence of not providing
a permanent prosecutor to the ministry in many
instances of hearing endeavouring to hear occasional ones, it again
falls into the inconsistency of repulsing repelling
with one hand those to whom it is beckons drawing with
the other. of inviting men to undertake the
office and driving them away in the same
breath. This as in so many other parts
we see the dangers of law intentions of the legislation combated counteracted
by the arrogance prejudice and arrogance
of Judges. Whoever will go to the Judges and tell inform give information
of such or such an offence shall receive have
one hundred pound says the : — and
when he does come we won't hear him, say
the pretended declarers of the law. Unless it
man will not What a man knows in this
way he will not tell unless it is made his
interest so to do; therefore we will make it
his interest; say the one: — And when you
have made it his interest we won't let
him, say the other: for + it is a rule with us +knowing of no interest
that is not pecuniary

never to let a man speak who has a pecuniary any interest
in so doing, although if it were not made his
interest in some way or other no man would ever

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