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8 Tit. v. Chap. VII

//3 English practice
ever do this or any thing else: speak at all: and against our rules,
what signify your laws?

In the genealogy of English law begets
quibble: and the nakedness inconvenience of one absurdity
is covered palliated by another. Those whom
the legislator has commanded them to hear th
Judges will condescend to hear, but it is upon
condition that they are made to believe that
the motives inducements he has held out have been without not been
productive of their effort. They allow A nominal informer
worth their connivance is set up, who is to receive
the reward for information, and the information is to be made good by a witness presents
himself free from the contamination of that
reward which the legislature intended for his
hand. Thus then the wisdom of the Common law is
respected satisfied, and the reverence due to her oracles
Clap the two branches
of law together, Common
and Statute
the policy of the laws
shown as is like

unimpaired. On the one hand you they have A labourer presents himself without
here, an agent without a motive, an effect
without a cause; on the other hand information
is received from one who it is an provided
shall know nothing of the matter. +With
+The hint of this policy seems to be borrowed from This policy is Digby; sympathetic surgery: service is to be extracted from one man by inducements rewards applied made by applications to the feelings of another.
all this contrivance what is the real condition
of the witness? If it had not been made his
interest he would never have opened his mouth;
for what should his make him? If it has been made
his interest, he must if interrogated swear the contrary:

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