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Tit. V. Ch. VII Purs

§ 3 English Informers left unprotected against Advocates Unprotected by legislation a citizen thus listed
in the service of the laws is still much worse than
unprotected by judicature. In that character
or in the associated character of a witness no
man can present himself who is not sure
to be backed by the hired bulldogs of the law. on the other
side. The man who like the Judge devotes himself exclusively to the service of justice and the laws, is in the sig face of a careless disregarding or approving Judge to be loaded with infamy? On bad by what ground? Because like the Judge, he mu expects payment reward for his service trouble — And by whom? by those who for the same consideration are equally ready to serve the cause of justice or injustice, to combat guilt or to encourage and abet it. What Judge ever attempted attempts to stem the
torrent of abuse? What Judge ever attempted finds found in his
heart to bestow on these ministers of justice his fellow-labourers in the
vineyard of justice the protection of his countenance? What Judge
ever found it in his heart to check the licentiousness
of their mercenary assailants, or to give administer to the
Jury an antidote against the poison of their his sophistry?
How should they? Out of what stuff
are English Judges made? In what school have
they ever learnt to value care for or be so much as to
understand know the real interests of substantial justice?

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