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Tit. V. Ch. VII

them prove the open system is less ineligible than the close If one were obliged to make an exclusive option
between two systems both of them imperfect, the
open is that which seems best to demand entitled to the preference.
the least ineligible. It may often leave a gap in the execution
efficacy of the laws, but it puts it not into any into no man's
power to make one. The execution of the laws
will never in this way be compleat and regular; but the mischief
resulting from the irregularity can never
rise beyond a certain pitch: to such a pitch as to be intolerable as to
be very generally felt: for under the auspices of liberty general suffering
common sufferings of very general will produce a
general efforts disposition resolutions equally general to apply
the cure. Associations will be entered into, and
voluntary contributions furnished, to for the purpose
of repairing in some degree the negligence of
government. (a) Note (a) An association of this sort has subsisted for in London for some years: but every association for such a purpose is a satyre upon the law government a libel the more wicked according to the common Law doctrine, for being so true. Let us join and give one another that protection which the law denies us. But against the abuses incident to
and almost inseparable from the close system
there is scarce any remedy the nature of things
scarce affords a remedy.

The open system it is evident is most
suitable to, that is most of a piece with, & most likely to be embraced by
a free government: the close, by a despotic one.
Passive rather than active obedience is what the latter expects

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