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Purs. Tit. V. Ch. VII

expects looks for and desires on the part of the people
affection co operating zeal it can hardly hope
for: to countenance encourage such an affection would be setting an
experiment full of danger a dangerous example. Op Where there is no
action there is no opposition: and that state of things
it despotism contents itself & with it regards as the ne
plus ultra of good government.

The open is that which chance rather than reflection
has established in England: and the good
effects of it in comparison of the close one are discernible
in the instance of such private offences
of a private nature as are commonly raised to the
rank of public ones. The bringing of such offences
to justice is very generally made a common cause.
Hence in spits of the many chances of doors to escape
which are left open by the imperfection of the system
of procedure, murder for instance, which stands at
the head of those offences, murder though committed
in prosecution of a merely private quarrel is has
beyond comparison a less chance for impunity surer of punishment in England
than in I other countries Italy for example
where the close system is pursued. the only one. governs.

This latter is close system is that which before the present
revolution was pursued observed in France; that is as
far as punishment was concerned under that the
name of punishment: though its evil tendency received experienced a very
powerful corrective in the liberty possessed by the individuals

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