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Tit. VI Ch I Purs

§ 4 Object: Danger of admitting voluntary prosecutors "Oh but says somebody," it would be a course
big with inconveniences to leave to the passion or
even the weakness of an individual the taking vengeance of
an offence in which the public is concerned." (a)
Yes certainly to the unbridled vengeance of an
individual. But what is that to the purpose? has that d to do here? But who thinks of any such thing?
The subject of enquiry The thing in question is, not a measure of vengeance
determined by the passion or weakness of
an individual, but a measure of punishment
meted out by the cool wisdom determination of the laws. The
measure then, meted out it certainly should not
be left in the power of the individual to apply or
not to apply as he pleases: but this species
of arbitrary power option is also equally out of the case.
Any body may enlist for this purpose in the
service of the law: but once enlisted he must
not retire till the service is performed: or if he does
his place must be filled by some one else, that
neither treachery nor indolence may have it in their
power to defeat the purposes of the law.

I take this from a small Dictionary of French
law in 3 vols 12no Dict. portatif de Jurispr. Paris
1763. Reason is so scarce a commodity as
reason among lawyers even among French lawyers
that the smallest spice of it has some claim
to attention wherever it happens to be present itself. is to be found

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