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This idea will not appear altogether visionary to the english reader
who considers the division that has been made taken place by practise of the ordinary
advocate into Leading Counsel special pleaders, Equity draughtsmen
and Conveyancers

Many years are not past since (the Bill of rights met with a society of not undistinguished men whose glory at gloried in was to call stiling themselves its supporters. Who shall sup stand forth and support Magna Charta, the only clause of it at pro in ours this day susceptible of application Art. 28 28 In public-private offences, he who has the greatest interest, is to be preferred for a private prosecutor The provisions contained in of this
sp title respecting public offences purely public
apply unless in as far as it may be otherwise
specially provided, to such offences against individuals
as are raised shall have been raised to
the rank of public ones.
of the profession a man allows superiorly if shall
which is supposed, may at the English bar and generally when is supposed to be the
consequence of a man's attaching himself exclusively to a particular
branch of business: private offices raised to the rank of public ones, whence the different denominations

Art. 29 In the case of this class of offences, among
of Leading counsel, special pleaders, Equity draughtsmen persons offering in concurrence to undertake
mid conveyancers the charge of private prosecutor the
preference shall be given to that one who
not being incompetent on other accounts has the
most considerable interest in the event of the prosecution.

The law sits in watch for the miseries
of mankind and pours her poison into the wound.
If When a thief has pilfered deprived a man of taken from him a few shillings
lawyers plunder him of so many pounds. A The
thief proscribed plunderer takes what he can get, the licensed plunderer but a lawyer
can never take less than a guinea. This is not all. A thief may steal advise do his business, but lawyers never do theirs but in confederacy. In most Thus made
cases up the remedy is in most cases but an aggravation of the
disease: to a poor man, that is to most men, it
is, if at all accessible a ruinous one. Is it better than none?
Yes: to a man who is content to ruin himself
for vengeance.

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