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The English law, in these as in other criminal
cases, allows of no appeal as to in the execution
of fact: as a compensation for the advantages
of reconsideration of revisal it trusts
on both sides to the infallibility of its ephemeron Judges:
and what one side to the dark and arbitrary power of pardoning
lodged nominally in the King, effectively in one knows not what retainer of the Court
Not that it consumes the less time for this:
for The Justice of Peace who takes the previous
examinations answers to any Judge of the
immediate Court; with this difference, that with
all the data before him which the Jury have, he is not
permitted to determine. The intervention of in the dark and the useless labour of the Grand Jury adds another trial, at the end of which as at the end of the former, nothing can be done, unless it be to dispel fill by caprice the engagements of justice. the interest into by the with contracts made with justice the promises made by the to justice not be to cancel by caprice the engagements made with Justice. The freshness of the
marks of guilt or innocence which presented
themselves upon the first enquiry is thus lost,
and the Jury are left to pronounce upon such
the stale and vamped up story which has been dressed fabricated
up in the long interval put together in the six or twelve months interval of preparation. There
are thus upon every occasion three bad trials
to answer the purpose of one good one: which
for the discovery purposes of justice are all together
not equal to one good one. And when all is
over impunity is liable too expend to be given or sold
and the most essential laws turned into a let dead
letter, by one knows not who, for reason or for
no reason and always without reason assigned,
and without so much as the pretence of trial. I
speak of the dark and arbitrary power of pardon, lodged
nominally in the King, effectively in one knows not what
retainer of the Court.

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