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VII Curia para 2. One Judge could never possibly suffice to go despatch through
all the business that would come before this immediate
court and at the same time all the causes
that would be brought in the way of appeal from
the Parochial or Canton Courts. There must therefore
be two Courts separate Judges for the two branches of business. But
as the expence of two Judges must be incurred, the
best way is not to give to them both each of them the business of
immediate jurisdiction and the business of appeal in
concurrence but to give to one of them the former branch
to himself and to the other the latter: for by that
means we a cause that has received a decision
in the immediate District Court may be made to receive the benefit of undergo a revision
without any farther expence.

3. The number of revisions a cause may have
the benefit of is by this means the same whether
the Court before which it is it be brought in the first instance by the Parochial
Court upon my plan, the Canton Court upon that
of the Committee, or the District Court upon either:
and by bringing it in the first instance before a
District Court as may be eligible if not necessary
on several accounts, a man will not deprive himself his
cause of the benefit of one instance degree of revision
If it is a matter of indifference in other respects
whether a decision in a cause be liable to be reviewed th twice or

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