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so easily magnified by imagination and malignity
into an incurable wound. Nothing more
easy to happen than that a young woman may
easily be deprived of all chance of marrying by
a slight negligence — an imprudence the mere an incident which would not in any degree contribute
result of ignorance and innocence to render her the less likely to make a good wife: a
slight imprudence the mere result of ignorance
and innocence, or perhaps the mere appearance
of such an imprudence, the mere result of
blameless misfortune.

2. The publicity of family disputes is apt to be would be
prejudicial to the welfare interests of youth and innocence
in another way.[+] [+] Family disagreements in families can seldom be carried to any a height sufficient to attract engage the interposition of justice, but there must have been more or less blame on both sides. Supposing in a dispute
between a young person and his father
or other guardian, the father or guardian should
have been deemed to be in the wrong though
not so much so as to justify the depriving of
his authority altogether. Inflict on him a public
censure, though it be but a reprimand, his
character suffers so much by it, and the character
triumph of his youthful antagonist is so compleat
that all that share of his authority which is founded on
respect, and of which public opinion is the guarantee,
is annihilated. An effect little different
may even result from the mere publicity of that part

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