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part of his conduct which has been amiss, though
it should not have been subjected by the authority
of justice to any formal censure. What is the
consequence? That in order to avoid a mischief the destruction
little less prejudicial to have who is of <add>an authority more necessary to him who is subject</add>
to it than to him who possesses it a Court of
Justice would think itself bound obliged to bear harder
upon the youthful sector than upon his aged adversary
to have a deaf ear to the complaints of the
youthful-suitor and give to the cause of his aged
adversary an advantage a degree of countenance
which is not its due. Remove the scene of
enquiry from the ar a crowded court hall of justice
to the closet of the Judge, nothin he is at full
liberty to reconcile the preservation of domestic
authority with the correction of any excesses into
which it may have fallen betray'd itself. He may give the
father a correction as severe as the case requires
so long as the son his humiliation is kept secret
from the son: while for the purpose of restoring
tranquillity to the bosom his youthful breast of the child it w may
be sufficient to make him sensible that sentiments
of affection have recovered their seat in the parental
bosom without his letting him being apprised into the of the
details of the process by which the wished for change
has been brought to bear - happy revolution has been effected.

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