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Secret The 12th article is not less fertile in explicable
difficulties. In the former article the Committee
left the making composition of the tribunal to the parties,
in the manner we have seen. For the purpose
of this article they find one ready made to their
hands. It is to consist of the nearest relations.
Eight they choose to have and no more: seven they allow by
implication if eight are not to be found: six
they make sure of finding. Nearest relations
to whom? to which of the parties? for the nearest
relations to the father or the mother may not
be so to the child. What if there should be
more than the number in equal degree of
proximity? for that contingency no provision
is made. how many then are there to be of them
and which are they to be? To this question the
text furnishes no answer. Six the Committee Six the Committee
make sure of fin make sure of finding: [+] yet who is not there that does not remember instances where estates have gone a begging because no one relation could be found? May they be of either sex?
This I suppo am inclined to suppose so was the
meaning: yet where a measure so singular is
adopted as that of making women Judges, it
were as well to say so, to put the matter out
of doubt. What if in the number of the six the
seven or the eight there should be found individuals
who are a known stand upon record as a disgrace to the family, or who have

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