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The expense which upon my plan would
be thus thrown upon the public will not be such can not be such
as need occasion any as to warrant any violent apprehension. Taxes on
the proceedings it is agreed settled to abolish. Lawyers' fees
fees are here out of the question. Witnesses will
in general cost nothing. Those who live within the territory
will not be out of pocket by their attendance.
As to indemnification for their loss of time, if the pauper on whose
behalf they are called loses his cause, they must
go without it: if he gets his cause with costs and his
adversary is solvent, they as may then receive it:
but at any rate it can be no object. Those Should
there be any who live in a distant territory, though it be on
the other side of the kingdom, their expense will upon my
plan cost be no more: for they will be examined
within their own territory if there are a thousand of them, each within his own
territory, by the Court of his own territory, upon
instructions sent from Court to Court by the
post; the -General examining them for
the Plaintiff, and the Defender-General for the
Defendant. There remains only under this head
the possible case of its being necessary to bring
together witnesses from distant territories for the
purpose of confrontation: thus will there be the
travelling charges to pay of such of them as
have to travel. But this it is evidentis a case not likely to

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